Hello everyone,

Chippy is a family friend and has helped us tremendously, as we have transformed our old metal building into the Industrial Art gem that it is today.  We wanted to give him a space on our website as a huge THANK YOU, for his support. 

Chippy specializes in creating custom frames, cutting boards, coasters, and various indoor and outdoor items, using new and reclaimed wood and stone. He also is repurposing items that have been discarded from their original use and breathed new life into them.

Please visit him on his Website at www.thechippybeaver.com and on Facebook.  Available products can be purchased online.

Also, we intend to have an array of his products available at OSR Winery throughout the year.  Keep checking in, as items frequently change.

He is able to do custom items such as frames, or just about anything else you see on Facebook, Etsy or at the Winery.

Feel free to email him with any inquiries or suggestions.