After 40 years, Mowrey’s Upholstery closed its doors in 2017. Founded by our Grandfather, Richard Mowrey and succeeded by our Dad, Russ Williamson, Mowrey’s Upholstery was successful and well-respected within the Point Pleasant Community. Now, we breathe new life into our family property in the form of a Craft Micro-Winery with an Industrial Urban feel.

The name “our Sibling Rebelry” or “OSR” for short, references our sibling team. We love wine but are far from being “snobs”! We have backgrounds in the medical field, information technology and microbiology and have plenty of experience with wine!

Whats the deal with “Rebelry”?        Yes. It is a word! So, here is our deal. We will be producing small batches of wine with ongoing releases throughout the year. Many of our offerings will be unique and unusual blends of fruit, vegetable and other flavors. Also, we plan to produce wine from grape varietals that are less common.   We will still offer the basics on occasion, such as Chardonnay, Merlot, etc. But we want to be a bit different and explore new flavors and ideas. By making many small batches throughout the year, we hope to provide a different tasting experience and selection of wines all year round.

What to expect upon a visit?   Stop by for a  wine sampling!   Also, we are partnering with The Chippy Beaver to supply wood and stone art/craft and unique items. We also sell some furniture made from Barrels. Eventually, we would love to host other artists or entrepreneurs.

Events?   We Yes!  Check our our event page here and on Facebook.  We have some other fantastic ideas for hosting special events.  But for now, we are going to take our time and start out with basic events, as we continue to grow and expand.

Hours of operation?      This is not going to be easy for us. We all hold down full time careers right now. Days and Hours of operation will be limited. We are open most Friday and Saturday's each month. Please check our website and Facebook for updates. We apologize for this and hope to increase our hours as we grow.