Cotton Candy! is our version of the American Carnival classic blended in a white wine.  This is our sweetest treat!  Hints of vanilla will bring back that childlike smile on your face!  

                                                           10% ALC           Sweet              $12

Betty is a Rhubarb Strawberry wine.  In honor of our amazing Grandma who made us Rhubarb cobbler every Summer, we offer a sweet and slightly tart treat!  This wine is heavier on the Rhubarb which allows the tart to pull through but we added enough strawberry to counterbalance with a delectable sweetness.   Love you, Grandma!

                                                                                           10% ALC            Sweet              $12

BRSC pic.jpg

Not sure what else to say here... its BLUE RASPBERRY!   Drinker be warned...  like the real thing at the carnival, it will turn your tongue blue!

                                                                                           10% ALC            Sweet              $12

Sweet Child Swine.jpg

Semi-Sweet Red blend of Merlot and Cabernet infused with Maple and aged for about a year.  Notes of Smoke and Maple balanced with the complexity of the Merlot and Cabernet for a unique taste experience.

                                                                                           11% ALC   Semi -Sweet          $12