WELCOME!  This is OSR!         Summer 2018,  we officially opened our doors in Point Pleasant, WV!   Here at OSR, we take pride in our wine, service and our community.  We are not your ordinary winery.  OSR is a Craft Micro-Winery, which means we  produce small batches of wine frequently throughout the year. Some of our wine is unusual and unconventional!   Our wine is hand-crafted and made on site.   Our setting is an old industrial building giving us a unique urban feel and is located in the famous TNT area of Mason County, WV, home to the Mothman! 


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State regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic recommendations are active at our establishment.  OSR is committed to the pursuit of slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. 


Please be assured that we take all necessary precautions and measures to insure a clean and safe environment.  This is something that we take very seriously.  We reopen at normal operating hours when we feel its best for our community. 


** New Wines available now!          

                  electriK bluE - Sweet Blueberry Lemon

                  Caramel Apple  -  Sweet Caramel Riesling

                  Dry Riesling - Dry White

                  Blackberry - Sweet Blackberry White

                  Pleasant Point - Sweet Concord/Catawba blush

** Coming Soon (July)

                  Hairbrained Hopper - SemiDry Espresso White

                  Big Black Dog - Tempranillo Dry Red Blend


**  Madness Special:  2 bottles for $20 on select wines during the Pandemic.


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